New Trends in Green Landscaping

New Trends in Green Landscaping

Ecoscaping is about making a lower impact on the environment as possible, using top ideas that are new and progressive to develop the look of a property, while using the minimum amount of water. This is about changing from landscaping to that of ecoscaping on your own property. A good way to start is to collect rainwater and this can be done in many different ways, but first check with you local government if this is legal as in some states in the US rainwater is owned by the government. Where collecting is legal this can be used for the laundry, car washing, gardens, and will reduce the annual water bill.

Ecoscaping can also be used in water features which can be either large or small. Whether it’s a fountain, a pond or a stream the water is reused continuously by the use of a small pump which recycles the water. Another way to save water is by reducing the area of green landscaping with pavers, tiles, river stones, concrete and other similar products. These can be used to extend patios, paths, enlarge driveways, reduce garden areas and other proposals. These ideas will help reduce lawn areas that need watering, along with the use of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

Ecoscaping with the use of garden plants that require a minimum of water is another option. If part of a property is on a slope the use of a retaining wall is generally a sound idea. These are usually built to help hold soil back that would probably move or wash downwards. Retaining walls can be built of many different products, but are mostly brick, stone, concrete or timber. These walls help to stop any erosion on a block of land and can look very attractive.

Ecoscaping is all about using less water with better techniques. Hiring a person who is trained in this type of business will help to assess areas that need improvement and where they will save the home owner money. The assessment may include the landscape soil structure, how the area is laid out and what the existing watering system is. The assessment will then be able to tell exactly how much water is needed for the property and whether changes need to be made to reduce water use and cost.

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